Teco JNEV VFD issues

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Teco JNEV VFD issues

Postby Richard-TX » Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:05 am

Received an email and thought I would pass on the info. This is on a JNEV Teco VFD. Thanks Barry!

Q: A couple of times when hitting RUN, the motor would not come up to speed, it would sort of hesitate and spin at very low rpm. This happened
twice out of about 20 Run/Stop sequences. Is this normal?

A: No

I actually found another guy with the same symptom on spin up and Teco suggested disabling stall prevention and switch from vector to V/H control. I did that and the motor has yet to exhibit that weird hesitation. It also appears to much smoother when it starts and stops.

FYI, that hesitation was also accompanied by the motor spinning in the opposite direction at between 3 and 5 rpm. But I've done dozens of Run/Stops after the change and it has worked as it should every time.
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