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Postby Carpenter Mark » Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:58 am

New member here-
My name is Mark and have been kicking around some of the same forums as you folks. I'm a carpenter by trade (40yrs) and am mostly doing architectural millwork interior installs (read as trim carpenter) these days as well as some property management. My serious passions are fly fishing and surf casting, which is why my machines seldom see paint.

I have a bunch of vintage machines-2 W/T tablesaws, 6 Delta, Powermatic and Crescent jointers ,PM 100 and Rockwell 22-401 planers, Delta and W/T bandsaws, Oliver 270D tablesaw, Oliver 399 planer, Northfield production shaper, Clausing and Atlas metal lathes, Burke #4 mill with a Bridgeport M head, Delta 1460 lathe, Delta 6x48" & 12" sanders, Max spindle sander, Delta 24" scroll saw, W/T 15 & 20" DP's- all the usual suspects, all in various states of use and ratholed. I also have a few Asian machines.

What drew me to this group is the willingness to take on machines separately on their merits/faults rather than condemn them due to origin. Make no mistake, I'm an American and buy locally and stateside when I can and will always vote to end exporting work off shore, but we've got to recognize a world wide economy too.
The second thing that drew me here is I've seen you guys on other forums and most of you (if not all) have real chops when it comes to restoring, rebuilding and building machines and don't feel it's a sin to Blanchard grind instead of planing a table ;) .
I'm here to learn.
Carpenter Mark
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